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January 14, 2009
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GAZA will never Defeated by high-sense GAZA will never Defeated by high-sense
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hasnam Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2009
thank u
merci beuacouup
DashaChepas Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2009
Israel will be deleted?
not even funny..
its so sad that you actually belive that one day this land will be yours..
never WAS and never will be..
high-sense Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2009
Yes, i believe that Israel will be deleted..and you believe in that too ..
I believe that Israel People Cowards, Homeless، Losers ..
remember > 6 October, Lebanon 2006, GAZA 2008
DashaChepas Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2009
ok if we "lost" you so how the hell are you still stuck in gaza and suffering ?
you wanna tell me what you won?
nothing but death.
this is your only win
your 72 virgins in heaven..
and BELIVE ME that this is the only thing you will get.
you are the only homelesses and losers, even the arab countries dont give a shit abput you.
you know why? because you are useless leeches!
you have no culture, you still live in the middle age
no education, no ability to do anything but kill other people!
you use terror to reach your goals and then you are surprised why the whole world is against the islam.
high-sense Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2009
i think u didn't study history well to know more about our culture,
and to know Israel people Reality,
to know that you never Fulfillment of the Covenant ..
Israel people always suffer from Psychological,Inferiority ..
and all world know that Israel = terror ..
people around world say it During GAZA war. and don't tell me that u didn't see that on T.V.
we proud of our culture, our history, our religion
we support piece and justice cause that main in our religion.
and about your Illogical words about our education and ability just search for Arab artists here check their great works, and you will know that we are not the losers you are talking about..
DashaChepas Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2009
You invent your own history.
you belive you live under occupation, you force you children and their children to belive in it.
You live in a twisted reality that you have built to yourself.
We dont feel any suffer because of any "Inferiority"
if you will meet israeli people you will see the pride in their eyes.
You say that israel= terror
when the whole world [not the arab world, but the western world] is fighting against muslim terror , the arab terror [extremist islam]
I saw televison, and belive me that it hurt me to see your woman and children sufering, seriously.
but unfortunatly it is your palastiniens fault because you chosed a terror organisation=Hammas to defend you, to lead your people, to build your home!
those terrorist's was hiding in innocent people houses, ISRAEL WARNED those people before she attacked, she called them to run away, but those people preferd to stay, to let those terrorists to stay at their homes
and israel as a part of her duty to the israeli civillian she had to attack them and people were hurt!!
if you suppurt peace and justice you would fought against the terror inside of gaza!
and belive that israel would help you.
i would personally help you, and every other israeli citizen.
And when i talked about the lake of education and culture i was talking about the people of gaza, not because they are arabs, but because of what you dear hammas teaching them at school, how to hold a weapon, how to use a weapon, how to kill, who to hate.
if you call it education, well forgive me, but a child ,the is the future of your society, who knows only war is not an educated child, but a future terrorist.
reality made by hammas and other terror organizations in gaza.
high-sense Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2009
same words، same Convictions
Israel > hey Palestinian : leave us to kill your mother and your child, and to destroy your home, Or we will consider you big terrorist's ..
and never talk about you rights, never talk to your child about his land, don't teach him how to get his stolen lands back,
be good one and we will kill you with a very nice shot, or leave your home and all thing's you got,
and if you say YES or NOT, Israel army will Never Stop,
Really i don't believe that you contented about your views,
how it come that Israel steal, kill, Attack , and ask HAMAS to be Succumbed people and to put their weapons down,

HAMAS have all right to Defend, and to stop this Brutal Attacks, and to teache their children to do the same,
HAMAS have Principles, Dignity and they will never defeated ..
DashaChepas Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2009
You are twisting my words.
and you know what? you are right.
always same words and same argures.
YOU always think you are right.
always trying to look the victim..always.

anyway, i think you should learn some history before saying things like "stolen land"..

have a nice day..
hamasna Featured By Owner May 30, 2009
I won`t talk about history
I`ll talk about the last war Gaza 2008
U said that you`re the winners
Ok lets talk about that
Your government said that they will delete HAMAS from Gaza
...........but they couldn`t do that & HAMAS still in Gaza
Your government said that they will get the kidnapped soldier "gelaad shaleet "
........but he is still in HAMAS`s hands
Your government said that they will make the palestinians stop their rockets
.........but when Olmert was speaking there was a Palestinian rocket near to Tal Abeeb

after all of these reasons
tell me ... Who is the winner ??
momopoto Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
so nice..
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